Images of Faith Download Requests

The Images of Faith supplementary confirmation materials are offered as a free gift to the congregations of the LCMS, WELS, and ELS. In order to receive the materials, please send an email to IoF(at)CUEnet(dot)edu with the all of the following information:

After receiving this information (typically within three days), a secure download link will be sent to you at your specified email address. The content is approximately 12GB in size which requires several hours to download on a stable 20Mbps connection. If you have a particularly slow internet connection, you may obtain the content by alternate means. Please contact us to discuss other options.

We know that this material will be a blessing to your church as a complement to your existing confirmation program or one of the many programs available through Concordia Publishing House!

Please Note: The Images of Faith program uses licensed content which limits its use and distribution. By making this request, you are agreeing that the material will be used only by your congregation, that you will not further distribute the content within or outside your congregation, and that you will abide by all applicable copyright law.

CUEnet (Concordia University Education Network)
800 238 3037