Images of Faith

Please read these instructions BEFORE filling out the request form:

The Images of Faith supplementary confirmation materials are given as a free gift to the congregations of the LCMS. In order to receive the materials, you may either:

  •     Download the material over the internet. When CUEnet receives the request form below, a secure link to the material will be emailed back to you (usually within three business days). You will then download the media-rich files (a couple of hours on a stable 20Mbps connection). The cumulative size of the files is 11 GB. Further instructions will come with the email that contains the link.

  • OR

  •     After completing the request form below with the flash drive option checked, mail to CUEnet an empty thumb drive (flash drive) of at least 12 GB along with a return, self-addressed and stamped envelope to CUEnet at 61990 Janalee Place, Bend, Oregon, 97702. CUEnet will put all the Images of Faith material on the drive and mail it back.

We know that this material will be a blessing to your church! It will be a wonderful addition to the confirmation program you already use or a great complement to the confirmation programs available through Concordia Publishing House.

Request Form

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